Customer Care Manager

Customer Care Manager



One of the most important persons for any Sibers project is a Customer Care Manager. She always takes the client's side, protects their interests and upholds them communicating with other participants of the project. This person is absolutely necessary for both the client and the company, given that our customers live and work abroad and belong to different cultures. Of course, you can find official ways of communication quite satisfying, but long and fruitful collaboration is likely to enliven and boost with the help of a Customer Care Manager who adds a certain human touch to strained working interactions.

Sibers Customer Care Managers daily communicate with our clients by means of various communication facilities. They are aware of the client's business, ideas and goals and are to watch over the client's interests and represent them offshore. The emphasis is on trust relationship and feeling the customer's attitude rather than on some technical details, which helps to prevent unrest or misunderstanding. It involves a high degree of responsibility as the manager is supposed to justify the client's expectations.

Customer Care Manager participates in daily team meetings on each project in ward in order to feel the pulse of the project, follow the changes and be ahead of the game reacting to the customer's requests and changing moods. For clients, the manager is another trustee who stands surety and a person for contacts in case Project Manager is offline.

Sibers steadily growing, the number of projects for development is quickly increasing. Thus, new promising members for our team are welcome. As for the Customer Care Manager position, we are looking for a responsible, sociable and tactful person with high interest in different cultures and nations, able to feel people and the situation, not indifferent to them and able to fine tune. Perfect knowledge of English is a must, of course. Excellent pronunciation and certain experience of communicating with native speakers is preferable.

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  • monitoring the dynamic of project development and controlling that clients receive daily updates,
  • checking in with clients to see if they are comfortable with the team's work,
  • providing clients with non-technical information about the project, responding to clients' questions and requests,
  • assisting colleagues with communication in English,
  • maintaining clients' database,
  • writing short project news,
  • preparing gifts for clients.

What's on us

  • official employment in the accredited IT company
  • the opportunity to work in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
  • flexible schedule for early birds and owls
  • participation in interesting and non-standard projects
  • seminars, certifications and transparent opportunities to increase the grade
  • partial compensation for food and sports

Команда Customer Care

Команда Customer Care